Jeffrey L. Campbell
is a Chemist with over 35 years of experience in safety, environmental, and transportation of hazardous materials. He has worked in process labs, oil refineries, ethanol plants, and has been an approval chemist and manager at hazardous waste treatment facilities.

Mr. Campbell currently works as an Instructor, Course Developer, NORM/TENORM Radiation Safety Officer, and Consultant for Environmental Team Resources, LLC. He is highly skilled and knowledgable on DOT, OSHA, RCRA, HAZWOPER, IATA, NORM, RSO and RAIL rules and regulations.

He is an associate staff member for the U.S. Department of Transportation and an instructor for the University of Texas at Arlington OSHA Ed. Center, and an instructor for McNeese State University Institute for Industry Education Collaboration.

Mr. Campbell obtained his BS degree in Chemistry Education from McNeese State University and taught high school chemistry in the mid '80s. He has since been training in different capacities, which include teaching hazardous materials transportation to petrochemical industry employees and NASA contractors.